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Obtain access of your domain name

There are 2 ways for a client to obtain domain name access

Transfer Domain

To transfer the domain name to another company, lets say godaddy.com or register.com or any domain registrar then client will need to do the following:

  1. 1. Client needs to fill out domain name transfer form and send back to us
  2. 2. We will send the EPP code to them
  3. 3. Client will get the EPP code via email and insert it into the control panel of the new domain registrar / company and initiate transfer (contact the new company for assistance
  4. 4. New company will send the client a email confirmation to transfer
  5. 5. Customer will need to follow steps intiate the transfer
  6. 6. Wait 10 days for domain name to official transfer over
*Nameservers cannot be changed during this time

Push Domain Process

  1. 1. To push a domain name into another enom account, please open a help ticket and with a request to a "push a domain name account id"
  2. 2. Please type your Login ID identically as how you signed up.
  3. 3. Once pushed we are unable to undo the changes, so please make sure you type in the correct Login ID
How to Create an Account in ENOM for Domain Pushing

  1. 1. Go to http://enomcentral.com
  2. 2. At the top right click on Sign In / Register
  3. 3. Where it says New Customer? Start Here, click "Start Here"
  4. 4. Fill Out Form and click Create Account
  5. 5. Save Login Id and send to us. Make sure spelling is correct.

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