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Web Edits / Integration Pricing Chart

CarCareCONNECT’s Customer Website Support Services is now divided into 3 categories:

1)     Basic Website Edits; 2) Advanced Website Edits; 3) Enhanced Website Integrations



Basic Website Edits

Your website account & monthly subscription will still come with free basic edit requests. By submitting a Customer Support Ticket online, e-mailing support, or calling us—you’ll be able to receive all the basic edits that you’ll need. The following items below lists what is considered a basic website edit request:


  • Business Name
  • Business Contact Info (address, phone, e-mail, fax)
  • Business Hours
  • Providing Web Marketing Advice & Suggestions


Advanced Website Edits

 You can review the chart below for more details on what is considered Advanced Website Edits. Overall, advanced website edits are requests that require more dedicated customer support time because of their detailed & in-depth nature.


Enhanced Website Integrations

Want to increase the numbers of website visitors that become walk-in customers? These enhancements will allow visitors to be more engaged on your website, which will increase their confidence in becoming one of your loyal customers. Sign up today!

Review our detailed chart on our NEW Customer Website Support Service & the associate fees for advanced website enhancements:


NEW Customer Website Support Service Info Chart





Business Name



Business Contact Info (address, phone, e-mail, fax)



Fix (client provide) pre-typed page text content



Business Hours



Providing Web Marketing Advice & Suggestions








Adding Image(s)


$50 / Hour

Adding a Photo Gallery


$150 Set Up

Adding / Removing Affiliations (logos/icons/links)


$50 / Hour

Uploading Videos onto Website


$50 / hour

Adding Promotions (with client instruction ie: print function, coupon images, promo text details, etc)


$50 / hour

Editing New Page/ Layout/ Content Creation


$50 / hour

Adding New Page


$75 / Page





Features to Increase Website Value!

AutoNetTV Integration



DemandForce Integration



NSA (Domain Mapping) Integration



MechanicNet Integration



Car Dealership (25 Cars Included / $30 monthly)


$299 Set Up

Social Media Linking (Facebook, Twitter, etc)



Facebook integration



Adding an Online Form



Custom PPC Landing Pages



QR (Quick Response) Code



Other Integrations & Enhancements


Call for Quote


Remember: Basic website edits are still included in your monthly program subscription with CarCareCONNECT. You will be informed of any associated charges with your request before you are billed.


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